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Define Cling

31 Animal Pictures That Will Make You Say "WTF" | Exotic House Pets | Pet Care Authority | Pet Care | Adorable Animals | Cute Hedgehogs | Starbucks Cups | Starbucks | Animals doing weird things

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Olafur Eliasson - Eliasson often fabricates natural looking phenomena in man-made environments like the gallery space in order to subvert how we percieve and experience the world around us. Here he has replicated the natural flow of water but out of man made materials.

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Often times you hear people talk about finding themselves in life. The truth is you don't have to find anything. When I hear someone tell me that phrase what I actually hear is "I'm looking outwardly to find something to cling to." But who you are as a person in all your uniqueness lays within you. You are your own opportunity of limitless potential! Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Always remember that you are not defined by your surroundings nor your circumstances. You are defined by…

Psychologist Dr. Robert Firestone explains why people develop such negative self-images and cling to their old identities. Comment: abused enough in relationships....being defined by spouses has same affect. Lose yourself. Know what love is and who I used to be and know exactly who I am again. Had awesome childhood

LOFT Monochrome Color Block dress

LOFT Monochrome Color Block dress Cotton blend a-line dress. Worn once of twice. Defines natural waist line, but doesn't cling to your body. Very comfortable. LOFT Dresses Midi

Treating Flu Symptoms May Create More Cases - Scientific American: "Pain relievers like ibuprofen and acetaminophen cut your fever—allowing flu viruses to replicate more efficiently, and increasing your chance of infecting others. Seasonal flu kills more than 41,000 Americans a year, that five percent increase in flu victims translates to a thousand additional deaths."

This is one of my favorite INFP blogs on tumblr, run by two lovely ladies. If you’re not already following it, definitely pay it a vis...

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10 Bible Verses for an Anxiety Free New Year

10 Bible Verses for an Anxiety Free New Year. Happy New year! It's a new year, a new day. A new chance for opportunities, a new time to make memories. Now that it’s officially the new year, everyone is settling back into their routines. Some are thankful for the consistency the...

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