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Define Embrace

It's been years and I've known this. Just makes it hurt so much more now.


I am me, I am who I am, I love me, I embrace me. I am bipolar, I am major depressive disorder, I am chronic PTSD! These three diagnosis I have do not define me. I define me. I love myself!


Let It Hurt, Let It Heal, Let It Go

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How many calories in a pound of fat?

Your mistakes do not define you quotes quote hope inspirational inspirational quotes faith bible mistakes inspiration


So let's all just move on. Let go of the past and choose NOW.


You are layered. You are captivating when you can't be defined. Seemly contradicting traits of strength and softness, assertiveness and empathy, intellect and intuition. We you label yourself as one type of woman, you lose yourself...the other attributes bring you wholeness. Embrace them. #foodcoachnyc #archetypes #iamhertribe #beingawoman

Women are not fictional. Never listen to anyone who says this...they know nothing about this, or anything else.


Let's have some fun. #Tarot & #Tea Page of Fire. Get expressive through creativity. This is the energy of the day, and how to embrace and make the most of it. Define yourself through light-hearted imagination. Get in touch with your playful side. A new venture is on the horizon, but you can't get to it by playing by the rules.

There is beauty & strength in your sexuality - embrace it Don't exploit it Be sexy, but be able to put a sentence together. Tap into your sexuality but don't manipulate with it. Own it, but do not define your self-worth with it. Love your feminine prowess but do not find your complete validation within it. Our female energy is unique to us- treasure it, nurture it, and stay in control of your domain.


I embrace myself, constantly, invisibly. There are layers of muscle, tissue and bone that come together and move in accordance with each other in ways that make up and define so much of my life. I do not believe I think first and thus exist, instead I'm quite certain there is something deeper and primordial in the body. She was here, learning and piecing together an ancient evolution, holding the patterns of millions of years before I had my first coherent thought. I grew into both my mind…