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5 Quotes By Women That Inspire Confidence. A few times in life someone will say something that is so right, so true and at exactly the right time, that it changes your life forever. In the words by these amazing women lies the secret to authentic success, the inspiration to embrace your own uniqueness and to live the life that is undeniably your own. Pin it now to read whenever you need a confidence boost. Click through to read the words that inspire confidence. @jillconyers

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Lexicon (n) ..the vocabulary of a particular language, field, social class, person, etc

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Lot of friends fear this when we all have no choice but to embrace it. We all have different extremes of doing so as we are all different from different paths and upbringing

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How many calories in a pound of fat?

Believe it or not, in reality, many people will define you by your mistakes. But never let your soul fall for it. you are not defined by your mistakes. As for the people, those who care, don't matter..and those who matter, don't care.

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Your past doesn't define you, it only prepares you to be who God created you to be! #projectinspired

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And to the demons in your head, I say, fuck you, fuck fear, and fuck all the negative thoughts ~ They are NOT you. Just pisses me off, so many awesome souls, so many......

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Admirável desconcerto... A gratuidade do amor consiste nisso: amar quando o outro não merece ser amado. Surpresa maior não há. Ser abraçado no momento em que sabemos não merecer ser perdoados. O amor verdadeiro desconcerta. Padre Fábio de Melo

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Everyone wants to know how to be happy, but the truth is that the pursuit of happiness only makes you UNHAPPY. Here's why ...

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