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Art Projects for Kids: Layered Winter Landscape

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Foreground defined - From Goodbye-Art Academy - YouTube

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An expanding series giving you all the definitions of popular art terms accompanied with visuals to help you better understand the terms. Goodbye-Art Academy...

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0178853.jpg (800×534) / Circular lawn defined by paved edging, with Phlomis russeliana in foreground.

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The different shades of blue help define the different hills in the picture.

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Head+and+Head+2,+small.jpg 563×1,133 pixels

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Steven Assael (1957)

This piece has a dramatic Rembrandt quality to it. The figures are further defined in the foreground and get less so, to lead your eye back into the painting. The figures' dark clothing helps them blend into the ominous background. The development of the woman's face is slightly hard to read and I wonder if this is meant to symbolize something. The sense of light from the left side is very clear and strong.

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Fantastic example of hatching and cross-hatching. Tone is created with line.

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Sketch / urban sketching, (c) Gerard Michel. Nice composition with the minimally defined/colored foreground.

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Split-rail fence, stella d'oro daylilies and spirea in the foreground, the only plants in the front bed that receive any direct sun, and only for a few hours in the afternoon.

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