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Was starting to think I was both. Nope. Turns out the heart's just fine.


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"Carrie holds such special place in the hearts of everyone at Lucasfilm it is difficult to think of a world without her. She was Princess Leia to the world but a very special friend to all of us. She had an indomitable spirit, incredible wit, and a loving heart. Carrie also defined the female hero of our age over a generation ago. Her groundbreaking role as Princess Leia served as an inspiration of power and confidence for young girls everywhere. We will miss her dearly.” -Kathleen…


Even if we say goodbye and our paths never cross again, I hope you carry a piece of me within you... I hope you remember our wordless conversations, all my quiet smiles and blushed glances. I hope you never forget to believe in yourself, I hope you never lay alone at night doubting your own worth, I hope you always know that you're loved, beyond measure. No matter what you do and where life takes you, I hope you carry a piece of me within you.


Broken? - Chapter Two: