Hey, we all have our weaknesses and our strengths, right? Can't be good at everything. #respectthefish

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Yes. especially the hand holding!!! My biggest pet peeve is when boy friends and girl friends don't hold hands!!!

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Your complete guide to editing and sizing your pictures to fit each of your social media platforms. Relevant because last week it took me hours to figure out twitter profile picture sizing.

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Miles Davis, defining cool. I wish more of today's jazz artists would dress up for their audiences

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Feminism is not misandry. word up!!!!! "don't allow men who hate women..." Become a champion for women's rights at http://www.fuzeus.com

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Hot Chocolate Parable: sometimes we get so busy worrying and eyeing others containers that we forget how good our life really is. The cup does not define us, it is the hot chocolate inside the cup - that is who we really are.

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