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Erik Söderberg. Fractal Experience. Personal project 2011. Humans and nature seemingly differentiates in a fundamental way. Human beings appears to prefer strict geometric design while nature flow in a chaotic, organic way. When investigating further one realize that nature follows certain highly advanced patterns and that we humans from time to time prefer the organic flow - rather then the well defined, controlled and organized.

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Mandala The hindu and buddhist people define this as sacred art. It acts as a focal point to meditation.

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Mandala es una palabra que proviene del sánscrito y significa círculo, centro, rueda… Actualmente mandala se define como un instrumento de creatividad, concentración, meditación, contemplación, relajación y anación: Expresión de la creatividad: hacer mandalas es la plasmación de nuestra creatividad, revelando imágenes de la organización interior de la persona consciente e inconsciente. Con todo este trabajo se eleva la autoestima de quien lo realiza.

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Free People Festival Explosion XS

Free People Festival Explosion XS Gorgeous Mandala thermal by FP! Scoop neckline features three snaps, defined hem and cuffs and a gorgeous waffle knit print! Such a fun WARM thermal! Color is cream, tan, gray and a burgundy. Free People Tops