The 4 Pillars of Women's Ministry - Women's Ministry Toolbox - Taking a close look at the 4 roles of Women's Ministry.

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#Pakistan’s #blasphemy laws ‘restrict religious liberty’: US. The United States on Monday took aim at Pakistan for using blasphemy law to “restrict religious liberty”. In its first report on religious freedoms since the start of the Arab spring uprisings, the US State Department warned, "In times of transition, the situation of religious minorities in these societies comes to the forefront."

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Become a Minister, Get Ordained, Officiate Weddings, Baptisms or Funerals. Start a Church or Work in Ministry. We Offer Online Ordination for Men or Women. 100% Legal in the USA and Worldwide.

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Rule OMEGA: when you pissed on the Rules we look a while..we wait a little bit....but we will RESPOND......

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The first female Prime minister of Great Britain, Mrs Thatcher defined a decade. In particular she is remembered for her emphasis on individual responsibility and belief in free markets. Developed close relationships with R. Reagan, but was more sceptical of European integration.

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This speech is historic. She defended the US-British Alliance. It’s refreshing to see a change in rhetoric. She defended Western Culture. It’s a welcome change after the Obama catastrophe we have had. UK Prime Minister Theresa May: The relationship between the US and UK has “defined the modern world” — CNN Politics (@CNNPolitics) January 26, …

Mr. Rogers - such a dear, kind man. I love this picture of him, in childlike repose, wearing his signature cardigan. He was actually a Presbyterian minister.

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