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Define Nap

from BuzzFeed

16 Surprising Facts About How You Sleep

“There are two periods of maximum sleepiness — the late afternoon (from around 3 to 5 PM) and the end of the night (from around 3 to 5 a.m.). There are also two periods of maximum alertness — around 1 a.m. in the morning and 1 p.m. in the afternoon.” | 16 Surprising Facts About How You Sleep


Looks like this little guy found a pretty odd place to sleep! Doesn't look too comfortable.

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Nap Time with Winter

Now that Winter is four-months-old, our routines are getting more defined and predictable. Winter has yet to consolidate her naps, so she’ll usually sleep for 20-45 minutes, play, eat and repeat within a three-hour time frame. I definitely do not get much done during her naps, not only because she doesn't sleep for very long, but also because I end up spending at least 15 minutes peaking through the crack of the door to look at her or take pictures.

Dressy and sophisticated, the textured cheetah motif of the Celine Cheetah Rug is woven in a lower profile nap, so the pattern is crisply defined and adds another layer of visual texture.


Spontaneous napping

How To Get The Most Out Of Commercial Diets: Tip You are going to be eating food several times per day for the rest of your life... educating yourself about what you are really eating on your diet, and why, is an investment in a healthy future!


Ann Trujillo Pin 2. This pin is relevant because both the chapter and this pin mention sleep patterns of adolescences and the amount of sleep they need. At ages 12-25 people are at a higher risk for problems with sleepiness. Sleep in an important part of growing up and maturing healthy both mentally and physically.