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Define Negative

When they share their negative opinions, it sits in your subconscious and wreaks havoc on your self-esteem. But don’t let others define who you are!

We don’t have to be slaves to our pasts. We don’t have to let negative experiences define us. We have power over our lives.

from Entrepreneur

Gabriel Bristol

Don't let a negative customer experience define your company's brand. Here's how to fix things.

Pattern Language - creating negative or positive outdoor spaces/landscaping. All about defining spaces and boundaries.


Your crisis strategy for managing communication through social media should be thoroughly documented. Define the core message that your brand needs expressed in the event of a negative online backlash or public relations fallout. The most successful businesses in the world, in a state of emergency publicity, fall back to their core values to assure the public, customers, shareholders and employees of their commitment and integrity.

This episode of Math Club defines integers as positive whole numbers, their opposites and zero. It explains positive and negative integers using everyday examples such as YouTube "likes" and "dislikes" and borrowing money from a friend. It shows how integers are written on a number line.




There is a power that lies in the spaces between. A composition of vases, some filled with tulips and others left to sparkle alone with gold rims and cut crystal, defines a delicate choreography of positive and negative space within our luxury dining room. #reginasturrockdesigninc #positiveandnegativespace How to draw what you see: Techniques and tips to Improve your Drawing Skills

from Apanache


We are defined by our actions toward others, not others' actions toward us.