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Boots Botanics Contour Kit


One-hour Wide Belt

For tying together any look, I love to quickly stitch up a wide, obi-wrap belt. It's super-quick to sew, and since it takes so little fabric, it's a great way to use those pricey drop-dead-gorgeous fabrics you've been drooling over. This belt makes a smart choice for defining the waistline and lends drama to every look from a cocktail dress to a simple T-shirt and jeans.


Your Ultimate Guide To Applying Eyeliner Like A Pro


5 Digital Signage Trends Driving Customer Experience Innovation To understand the various trends at play within digital signage its important to step back and understand where our market is heading. Whats becoming clear is that digital signage as it was narrowly defined just a few short years ago is giving way to a much more immersive experience. Its not just about catching someones eye with digital signage its about engaging people once you have their attention and that includes longtail…


Kylie Jenner inspired lipstick tutorial

kylie jenner lip Rimmel 1000 kisses lip liner in ‘Tiramsu’ and MAC Matte in ‘Brave


# michaelangelo #maker #designcycle empathize-what does my patron want? Define-what can I make to fill that desire? What materials do I have? Ideate-what themes would my patron and public enjoy? Prototype-make different versions Test- does the public like?


Туника-кимоно из квадратов крючком. Обсуждение на LiveInternet - Российский Сервис Онлайн-Дневников


Sewing Pattern and Tutorial for Hooded Coat for 18-20" Doll