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Define Phlebotomy

“What is phlebotomy?” is a common question asked by individuals interested in working in the health care industry. This article provides a comprehensive answer. #phlebotomy_#phlebotomists


There has been a steady demand for phlebotomists in the past years. In fact phlebotomy has been a promising career option for anyone who would like to enter the medical field. So what is phlebotomy? Phlebotomy is defined as the act of obtaining blood from a vein. A phlebotomist draws blood from patients and donors in clinics, blood banks or hospital, the blood being subject to analysis or other medical purposes.Someone who extracts blood for medical examination purposes is called a…


Oh, you like my flirtatious smile? Little do you know, I'm an off-duty paramedic just ogling your veins.


Understanding Leukemia anatomy poster defines four types of acute and chronic leukemia while detailing treatment options. Oncology for doctors and nurses.


GASTROENTEROLOGY - Understanding Colorectal Cancer Anatomy Poster defines this cancer and shows associated anatomy with the following five pathologies: Adenocarcinoma of colon, circumferential carcinoma of transverse colon, colonic polyps, adenocarcinoma of jejunum, and adenocarcinoma of rectosigmoid region.