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From my "The Ultimate Guide to Mercury Retrograde" - Get ready for Mercury Retrograde by giving yourself a little reading...

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Want to start your radical self love journey, but have no idea where to begin? First things first: I developed an online course called Radical Self Love Bootcamp, which takes you through a 30 day program in self-lovin’! Check it out. I’ve been writing about radical self love for years. Below is a list of my favourite articles on the subject. Start anywhere!

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Gala Darling's skirt is great. Why do I have the feeling that it's that kind of thing that you can wear only in a huge American city as NY? Oh my, I could never wear it in my small Bologna! (I know it is all in the mind, by the way. I can wear whatever I want wherever I am -maybe-)

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outfit to work :-) jeans from american apparel, topshop cami, brown belt, urban cardigan, necklaces, and urban chelsea boots x love you guys

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What Type of #SexAddict are you? It’s been more than 20 years ago now since I have treated my first sex addicted client. In the early years many paradigms of understanding and treating sex addicts were the best guess at the time. #SexAddict

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