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Dvorovoi- The East Slavic spirit of the courtyard (dvor). The most vaguely defined of Russian and Ukrainian household spirits, the dvorovoi held sway over a farmstead's grounds, cattle shed, and stable. At times, his functions and attributes overlapped with those of the house spirit (domovoi); some peasants believed him to be subordinate to the domovoi. The dvorovoi was perceived as less benevolent than the domovoi; a spiteful dvorovoi could be dangerous to livestock.


VIEW, VIEWS AND MORE VIEWS!! The name "Clear View" says it all! This four-bedroom cabin has breathtaking mountain views from the front and back porches and decks. Located in a private development and on 3/4 of an acre, providing plenty of privacy, the exquisite log style premier-quality furniture defines this cabin. PET-FRIENDLY, too, with pet fee! This cabin is decorated for the Christmas holidays, too. #Pigeon #Forge #family #vacation #getaway #cabin


There is nothing more Tasmanian or Australian than the 'little shed out the back'. They were the first sanitary solution to a common need. Often involving long drops and placement which comprises almost a chapter of Australian life to themselves. This Glover'esque setting however defines it as Tasmania. Image credit: Oberon Carter


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