Define sigil

The septagram, or Faery Star, is also used instead of, or with the Pentagram, by many Faery and Celtic-based traditions. The seven points represent the Sun, the Forest, the Sea, Magick, the Moon, the Wind, and Spirit.

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What is 'Wyrd?' Wyrd is the most fundamental concept of all things magick and…

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Talisman & Amulet, Spirit of Intuition Sigil Pendant Set, This powerful magical jewelry was created with the intent to help you to uncover your intuition. Sigils defined: symbols with magical powers. The founder of analytical psychology, Carl Jung, described intuition as "perception via the unconscious." This is a good description of what is an internal process. This yoga jewelry aims to help you listen to your ever present intuition. Enamel jewelry, conscious jewelry, purple jewelry

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