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Sri Yantra - Ultimate of All Mystical Diagrams. Sri Yantra, the most powerful of all yantras. The number of yantras, each of which has a distinct form and mystic bearing of its own, is estimated to be around nine hundred sixty. An energy pattern and power diagram, a yantra is broadly a diagrammatic transform of the deity, Shakti and Shiva in particular; this representation of the yantra, however, has a correspondingly large body of text, rendered perhaps in pursuance to the practices of…


The Cultural Significance of Major Maori Symbols and Their Meaning


The septagram, or Faery Star, is also used instead of, or with the Pentagram, by many Faery and Celtic-based traditions. The seven points represent the Sun, the Forest, the Sea, Magick, the Moon, the Wind, and Spirit.


Alchemy Art Print The Hyle Alchemist Triangle Sacred Geometry Esoteric

The Hyle Triangle is a design from Fludd's book 'Utriusque Cosmi Historia' written in 1617 and is an attempt to define the intersecting relationship between the physical and spiritual worlds. Fludd wrote that it may be impossible to define and one can only come close by using an analogy.