Define somber

Pablo Picasso, "Chanel in blue" - The Blue Period (Spanish: Período Azul) is a term used to define the works produced by Spanish painter Pablo Picasso between 1901 and 1904 when he painted essentially monochromatic paintings in shades of blue and blue-green, only occasionally warmed by other colors. These somber works, inspired by Spain and painted in Barcelona and Paris, are now some of his most popular works, although he had difficulty selling them at the time.

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A self portrait of/by Sofonisba Anguissola, 1560. Sofonisba was an extremely successful painter at the Spanish court.

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I still don't know what I was to you... if I was to you what you were to me.

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Chanel- I can really appreciate the unique shape and texture. I love the defined waist; it's almost like a corset (how figure-flattering). The color is universally flattering.

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