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Define Speakeasy

Co-owner Matt Clifton has created a space that both reflects his international adventures and defines what he calls home.


Me--XNTX, here. Lol. It is a biological impulse of Ego perceiving a value of itself it hadn't previously thought/felt it had, IF feelings love; it exists; there are different kinds; I have them all labeled and categorized by components. Now, for my Fi and Fe loves--passionate and compassionate. Ha. See? Told And my rational Ti commitment love.... And the Ne-Ti-Fe-Si blend; Hope and faith through imagination of all possibilities and seeing all perspectives through Ne; Ti…


A bit Paris and a bit New York and London, this outstanding speakeasy conquered our heart from the beginning. We’re strictly involved in this project, in fact we’re about to define Bar Cavour layout and 360° identity. This web project well represents what…

Aquarium clock of 18 carat gold, lapis lazuli and rock crystal. Approx 24 inches in height. It is so designed that upon the hour or request the gemstone fish ( made of sculpted rubies emerald, tourmaline, aquamarine and citrine)and undersea life "swim" and scamper about their under sea world