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Keaton / 21 / Christian, poet, gay trans man, wannabe aesthete / He/him

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If you're looking at anyone's genitals in the bathroom, YOU are the one peeping, and the one who should be banned from public bathrooms.

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I actually always imagine myself (a female) having a male body and I'm pretty sure I don't even get close to what a transgender person feels.

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Okay, most people don't understand but, I am Bisexual & Genderfluid but also trans (gender is in ur mind not pants!) >> omg, love your quote

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dictionary poem xxxxii by keaton st. james

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"You're too masculine to be a girl, and too feminine to be a boy." "Why can't I just be both?" OR NEITHER? [click on this image to find a short clip and analysis of a gender category in Samoan culture that explodes the gender binary] Source: Trans* Toons (

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Brown, socialist, rebel, nonviolent. Jesus. Some surely would not accept him. Namely, the powerful.

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gute Gedichte brauchen passende Musik für Schwerpunkt (good poems need appropriate music for emphasis) the Four Seasons at >

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