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Define Unveil

Scorpio can be either very quiet while they observe the scene or very talkative, jumping from one topic to another. They are friendly people but have their guards up a lot of the time, so they may come off as uninterested. Giving them time to open up exposes a fun sweet side.


I prefer crazy fabric in simple veils to simple fabric in outrageously poufy veils. (Photographer: Paula Iannuzzi)


It's hard to look at relapse in any kind of positive light, but a positive is that it brings us to our knees and makes us rely completely on Him. I try to look at it as a wakeup call that I am not in control.

from Garotas Geeks

Marca de roupas lança coleção INÉDITA inspirada em Star Wars: The Force Awakens!

Darth Vader Inspired Jacket - Her Universe


“Do not judge me by my skin color, my hair color, my body size and my outer beauty. If you do, you will miss entirely who I am.” by deeplifequotes, via Flickr


In two weeks, Samsung will unveil one of the most anticipated smartphones of the year: the next class-defining Galaxy Note phablet.