“Aesthetics is more than anything the instant connectivity with beauty, an entry point to appreciate something that is not fake but real. Aesthetics should never be confounded with beauty, since the first one could only be the make-up on top of a beautiful face. Depending on the coloring this face could look better or not, but it will never change whether or not there’s real beauty underneath. Deep down, aesthetics never make beauty, even when something ugly is sold as beautiful.” fw

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If you don't have to think about it, it's a privilege. Check your privilege. Follow this link to find a short clip and analysis of the power of white privilege: http://www.thesociologicalcinema.com/videos/the-power-of-white-privilege

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QUICK DIY IDEA: just get a simple canvas zipper pouch and doodle cute tumblr pics on it with a sharpie!(You can also have fun with different colours too) Definitely adds a bit of aesthetic beauty to the bag that can be used as a make-up or pencil container:)

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