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Definition Of Amused

Degrog flux has not been established after YOGA

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I have to imprint on them. I get really protective of them when they're new and won't let anyone else touch them! But I also need to get attached to it so I will definitely read it!

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"The definition of awkward: I just hung out with the guy I like, the girl he likes, and the guy she likes watching movies in my apartment."

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In celebration of the holiday season--> twinkledick- a man who makes his SO miserable about all the decorating, shopping, cooking, cleaning, gift wrapping,etc. that happens prior to the holiday festivities. *note- my definition, feel free to add your own!

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[GIF] Cas doesn't understand Bobby's definition of "good news..." And Dean is not amused, LOL. I love Dean's reaction! - 5x21 Two Minutes to Midnight

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Funny Animal Pictures Of The Day – 25 Pics

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I’m torn between being really proud and extremely ashamed Either way, I’d trust them with the fate of modern civilization

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you're ether Niall or liam... I am niall!! Comment below who you are

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