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Definition of Dementia According to the Experts

What is dementia?


A selection of apps for your iPad that we use with people with Alzheimer's and other types of dementia.


Some people are just total crooks! Alan Knight is certainly the definition of one. He and his wife Helen took £40,000 of the the life savings of an elderly neighbour, who had dementia. Classy.

Aphasia, Apraxia, agnosia and decreased executive functioning visually defined... This site has great study materials on all different topics!


Daily Aspirin May Reduce Risk of Cancer Death. A previous study by others found daily aspirin reduced cancer death risk by 37%.


The Alzheimer's Foundation of America provides examples of how music therapy has been used with Alzheimer's patients.


Gladys Baker & Grace McKee: Upon hearing of her grandfather's suicide, Gladys sank n2 deep depression. Her father, it had been said, had died of dementia, & her mother, according 2 her, had died of manic-depressive psychosis. All of this ultimately convinced Gladys mental illness definitely loomed over her family. At night, she wld pace the house up & down, mumbling prayers/chanting psalms & Bible verses. Grace McKee encouraged her to take it easy but was unable 2 console her.


Alzheimer's Patient "Awakens" When Listening to Music From His Past

Outstanding reference in the use of Music to help Alzheimer's patients relive a sense of themselves.


Alzheimer's. Cerasoli surprises us with the humorous and heartfelt true story of life with her ailing Grandmother. The Weavers moved in Nora Jo upon diagnosis of dementia, and life as they knew it shifted instantaneously from Mars. Remaining loyal to the “raw truth trait” that exemplifies her writing style, As Nora Jo Fades Away will make your heart and mind wrestle, as Cerasoli’s does, with concepts like Heaven & Hell, and love vs. logic. This story defies the…