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13 Cards For Couples With An Unconventional Definition Of Romance

Finding the perfect card to give your spouse isn't easy when most of what's out there is Hallmark-grade, lovey-dovey mush. If that kind of overly sentimental stuff makes you uncomfortable and/or want to puke, just know you're not alone. We've rounded up 13 alternative greeting cards for couples with a sense of humor and a less traditional idea of what constitutes romance.

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After a recent break up...

The secret is to be as happy as Buzz is, about all of it, all the way through. And trust me your pain the next day, and results the next week, will definitely be worth it.

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Harry Potter humor. Because Voldy Moldy carries every resemblance to a teenage girl. :) he even looks like some of them.

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-_-" Your definition of humor might be SLIGHTLY off.
18 Perfect Words You Need To Start Using Right Now

18 Perfect Words You Need To Start Using Right Now

A PORTMANTEAU word is a linguistic blend of words in which parts of multiple words, or their phones (sounds), and their meanings are combined into a new word.

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21 Movies Made Better With Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage. A God among men. You might call his acting "wooden" or "appallingly vacant," but before you bring up _The Wicker Man_ ... View "The Most Horrifying Images of Nicolas Cage (That Are Totally Real)" and more funny posts on CollegeHumor

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Your dinner versus you're dinner. Something to share with students about the importance of grammar.

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