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So this guy gets an idea about relying on the generosity of customers to decide how much they'll pay for beautiful vegetarian meals....that's definitely mental as anything right? That's what he must of thought...three cafes in Melbourne and been going a few years now. So...someone's being generous somewhere. Love their their spirit!

Discrimination is when someone or a group is treated or considered differently to someone else because of their race, culture, gender, disability, age, sexual orientation or religion. By Stella Kalaidzi (2.5)

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...the dude on my left doesn't agree. Guys don't forget! If we all binge Young Justice seasons 1&2 on Netflix we may actually be able to spark interest in a season 3! Also if you haven't seen it already definitely check the series out - I highly recommend it. It's the best backdoor Justice League cartoon ever. Lol. Don't be like the dude on my left. Bring back YJ! Do it for the team! --- Also episode 6 of Blerd Vision is live: Last week we reviewed Creed discussed Zoom's badassery on the…

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social justice Interview with the Southern Coalition for Social Justice on Social Work and Poliltics

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Over 30 superhero movies will be released in the next 6 years – here’s every single one

Marvel! DC! read all about it!!! 6 year of superhero movie madness. This'll definitely keep me going for a while on the hero front!!!! I'm so excited!!! Every superhero movie through From Avengers to Justice League | BGR

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11 Times Batman Got Seriously BURNED

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Equality is a dangerous word

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Instead of "Have a nice day" I think I'll start saying "Have the day you deserve" You know, let Karma sort that shit out. | News Ecard

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Taylor Swift just dropped the 'Bad Blood' music video! And it's the definition of squad goals

The 'Bad Blood' Video Is Just As Nuts As We Thought It Would Be

Taylor Swift just dropped the 'Bad Blood' music video! And it's the definition of squad goals

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