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This is the definition of privilege. Name is Brock Turner. Asshole of the month.

This is the definition of privilege. Name is Brock Turner. Asshole of the month. <<< Except that he actually only got 3 months before he was let out "on good behavior". Gee, I guess there weren't any unconscious women there for him to rape.

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Student Name Tags

Tired of those boring name tags? Add some creativity and customization to your students' desks using these cute, fun name tags!What's on the name tags?*Name *Definition of name*Multiplication chart*Motivating hashtags*Accountable talk chartThis document will download as a PowerPoint, allowing you to edit the textboxes so you can type in your students' names and unique definitions.

The Genius Guide to Name Traits within fantasy settings, names often have real, measurable power as well. The idea of “names of power” and links to ancient heritages are common in fantasy fiction, but the idea is rarely applied to character names in RPGs. And so, this PDF is designed to introduce the idea of names that have a real impact on who a character is, and what they can do (at least in small ways). Characters with name traits may have been named after consulting with a soothsayer to…

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Rob Dyrdek's baby name is the very definition of unique

Rob Dyrdek welcomed a son with his wife, Bryiana, and their baby name is the definition of unique.

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16 Most Curious Sounding Girls’ Names Explained

These names are the definition of unique! Click to check out our list of intriguing names for girls!


A different take on flash cards. Each puzzle contains 4 pieces, each relating to one of the special segments of a triangle. One piece has the name of the segment and its point of concurrency, one has a picture of the segment, one has the property of the point of concurrency, and one has a description/definition of the segment.

gade powèm: Definitions If you are away from yourself enough/For long enough/Can you still call yourself/By the same name/When your name/Was the definition of all that you were/But you are not

Why Names Matter. Watch: Find out how your name creates your mind and the energies that shape your life and the experiences and conditions you attract. Meanings of Names - Numerology - Kabalarian Philosophy


Congrats to Samantha Morgan of Name The Game TV on her 190+ inch Kansas whitetail with her bow! He is definitely a buck of a lifetime! #SweetNovember #deerseason #browningcameras #youvegottoseethis #hunting

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Definition of A Mother by Name