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A description and definition of this Mexican sugar. Here's a full definition of piloncillo in English. Piloncillo is made from pure, unrefined sugar.


The definition of Hot Flash: Your body deciding to spontaneously combust while taking you on a secret rollercoaster ride through the bowels of Hell.

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The definition of intensity

The definition of intensity..., photo by Dr. Farnsworth View Dale's photo from last weekend's Kalkaska winterfest background big and see more in his winter slideshow. More winter wallpaper on Michigan in Pictures.

First the raw elemental energy of SingleBe’s singlespeed and now the svelte sleekness of REPETE’s Reborn — both can be described, and correct me if this is bad grammar, as the definition of tmavý.


The 400 MILLION DOLLAR Ransom NO ONE Is Talking About - Obama and Hillary Clinton are the epitome and pure definition of pathological liars who know the disciples of useful idiots and media acolytes will provide them constant cover. FUBAR