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The US constitution itself was inspired by the FRENCH REVOLUTION, and the ideals of Freemasonry. It enshrined "Liberty", meaning FREEDOM from the YOKE of Christian MORALITY, rules which it attempted to replace with "unalienable rights", a concept originally discussed among the secret meetings of the Illuminati. The Illuminati Created the USA to Advance the NWO…

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Smith, James McCune (1813-1865) James McCune Smith sought but was denied admission to several American colleges. He then managed to raise money to attend the University of Glasgow in Scotland, where, after completing bachelor’s and masters’ degrees, he completed a medical degree in 1837. Thus he became, as far as can be determined, the first African American to be awarded a degree in medicine.

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This newly advanced prosthetic limb is the result of a collaboration between the University of Pittsburgh and Johns Hopkins University. The arm has the ability to accurately detect vibration,temperature, contact with objects and degree of pressure. It also has up to 27 degrees of freedom of moment, making it far more than a cosmetic addition.

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ASRA C1 is 1.2 meters tall, weighs 13.5 kilograms, and has 35 degrees of freedom, according to specs released by the company. Its limbs are powered by Futaba servos, and it has a gyro, accelerometer, camera, and other sensors. Parts of its body have soft padding, making it safer for people to interact with the robot.

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Black History Month: Doctor Mildred Jefferson, Co founder National Right to Life. MOST POPULAR RE-PINS #DdO:) - Surgeon spoke for Senator Jesse Helms bill to declare MEDICAL EVIDENCE that human life exists from conception, that abortion is murder. "With the obstetrician & mother becoming the worst enemy of the child & the pediatrician becoming the assassin.. the state must be enabled to protect the life of the child, born…

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