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You’re just somebody that I used to know (29 photos)

I wish I could actually delete them. Being a heartless and narcissistic person would make it easier for me. If some ppl don't/didn't care about my feelings, why do I care about theirs ? I freaking don't know. I just do. I hate myself x(

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You woke up one day , and decided I wasn't good enough for you . How can I delete you from my mind ?

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People should be better than that. It shouldn't be about winning. You lost someone you held close to your heart. It should be about learning to move on

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*Deep breath* yes. <from previous pinner. I could see this in a movie scene.<< I hover my mouse over the yes button. Another deep breath. Did I really want to do this? Yes. Almost in slow motion my finger presses against my mouse. But before the small click, he busts through the window. Shards of glass and rain fly in with him. The back of his hands and face are cut and bleeding. "Wait!" He exclaims quickly, his hand reaching for mine, to move the pointer away. "Do you remember me?" (Katie…

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30 Famous Bob Marley Quotes

Many find that additional support from a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist helps to promote a healthy healing process. Presbyterian Medical Services (PMS) is here for New Mexico. Our community health centers serve all ages. Visit for more information.

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24 Wise AF Quotes To Help You Heal Your Broken Heart

"The mind replays what the heart cannot delete."

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