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DEMOCRACY IN AMERICA - Alexis DeTocqueville - The full text plus an attempt by the University of Virginia to reconstruct the America that Tocqueville encountered in 1831, so that we can understand his work in context.

Democracy in America — Volume 2 | | It is a classic work on the United States in the 1830s and its strengths and weaknesses as seen from a European point of view. It is also regarded as a pioneering work of sociology.

Democracy in America – Volume One by Alexis de Tocqueville Link Volume Two


Democracy in America, Volume I and II (Optimized for Kindle)

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Three Startups Defending Democracy In America: Votizen, Memeorandum, and NationBuilder

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Democracy in America has had the singular honor of being even to this day the work that political commentators of every stripe refer to w...

Democracy in America. "Seminal work on the democratic system in the United States and the role associations play in it."

Meaning even if the majority votes to take away freedom of speech or the right to bear arms, they cannot legally take those rights away.


Democracy in America (Penguin Classics): Alexis de Tocqueville, JENNIFER