En la Biblia aparece una fugaz alusión a Lilith. En Isaías 34,14 se explica con todo detalle cómo Dios con su espada mata a todos los habitantes de Edom, lugar poblado por enemigos acérrimos de los judíos, y que allí quedan como dueños y señores los animales. Buitres, serpientes... y Lilith. "También allí Lilith descansará y hallará para sí lugar de reposo". Lilith ha sido traducido por lechuza o ardilla, evitando toda referencia a la figura precedente de Eva.

"Tomie: Demon Girl" was inspired by the manga and film series titled "Tomie". I really admire Junji Ito's work. Also, the story of a demon who is doomed to be killed by her lover over and over again touches a part of my soul. Tomie is a dangerous, but tragic figure. For this piece, I wanted to play with pink, purple, and yellow to favor the femininity of the character.

After watching the feeds from Blizzcon I been wanting to do images of both demon hunter races. So first I did Night Elf. Mainly cause I played a Night Elf the longest out of all the races so even w...

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tumblr black demon eye girl | Most popular tags for this image include: eyes, demons, dark, imagine ...

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When Kris gets angry, she can't control her fire. She bursts into dark red flames, and it usually takes someone she loves dearly to calm her down.

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manic-moth: “ Demon Girl Makeup of today . For some reason I’m still not really in a Halloween mood. So, I tried to get more motivated by painting my face a bit more “evil” than usual . Beautiful necklace from @shopdixi , black lipstick from... More

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