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Dendritic agate is a whitish-gray or colorless chalcedony with tree- or fern-like markings known as dendrites. The dendrites in dendritic agate are iron or manganese inclusions, usually brown or black in color. Though they appear organic due to their fern-like structure, they are actually inorganic; they are formed at fine fracture surfaces through crystallization of weathered solutions of neighboring rock.

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i have no idea what this is that has been fossilized, but it's cool. perhaps a plant? Anybody got an idea?

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Winter - montana dendritic agate and sterling silver ring

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Antique 1920's Art Deco Dendritic Agate LOVE and adore the itty bitty world preserved

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Connected – Reflection – dendritic agate, citrine, tigereye, gold and sterling silver ring

Connected Reflection dendritic agate citrine by spiralstone "Reflection “A Year in the Making” comprises twelve sections of the path. On the back of the rings the pathway connects each ring to the next. The path is continuous, beginning before this collection and continuing beyond it." Price: $300 USD

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