Check out the tutorial on how to make a DIY runner rug from old jeans denim @istandarddesign

10 Awesome Ways to Use Old Jeans for Home Decor

Check out the tutorial on how to make a DIY runner rug from old jeans denim OR placemats!

Recycled Denim Shag Floor Rug

How to Make a Very Easy Tied Denim Shag Rug

Salvage old jeans and repurpose them to make a shabby-chic shag rug.

Jean Rug Heather from Vancouver, BC made this rug from old jeans! “The rug is made from old blue jeans, cut into strips, sewn together end to end then braided and hand sewn together. It took many hours but the result was just what I wanted for our sun room at our cottage.” Thank you for your entries Heather :)

denim rug from jeans. strips, ironed like seam binding so that no raw edges would show, sowed end to end then braided

Tutorial on making a braided denim rug from Frugal Veggie Mama

Frugal Veggie Mama: The Braided Denim Rug Tutorial Lots of good advice in the comments too! We go through a lot of jeans, this would be so much better than throwing them away!

Here's a tutorial to make a rug with old blue jeans! Love it, and explanations are very clear!

Denim Rug

Denim rug -so want to do this! 5 layers of denim, sew on diagonal and cut (full instructions in link)

The jeans are cut apart and into strips using scissors and a manual strip cutter; then the strips are sewn together using a treadle sewing machine. They are then hand-woven on a handmade antique loom.

Spots on My Apples: Recycled Denim Rug from Annikki's Weaving Studio Mehr

Tapete reciclagem jeans

Another denim project; Jeans rug in progress. It's gonna be huge! Now almost on DIY Carpet recycled jeans upcycle. My dad made 5 of these with poly.

Denim Quilting- i have so many pairs of jeans saved since high school waiting to do this one day. this would make such a nice quilt for my mom

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I QUILT FOR FUN: Denim quilt from old jeans cut squares in 2 4 6 8 10 inches and use a 1 inch strip fabric between or I might just sew together to get frayed effect