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Denmark government

In the US, students go into deep debt to receive a college education. In Denmark, the government pays students $900/month to attend a university.

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Denmark , Saksun Faroe Islands, save the planet by signing this petition to free Tibet, Chinese government is destroying Tibet cultures worldwide even theirs, they are killing their own people that doesn't agree with their communist evil policies 4 death,

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Denmark Was Chosen As The Happiest Country. You'll Never Guess Why.

"Voter turnout is much higher in Denmark and surprise, the government functions for the people not the corporations."

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Why You Need To Visit Denmark's Hippie Commune Before You Die

Check out this awesome glass house made from recycled windows. | Why You Need To Visit Denmark's Hippie Commune Before You Die

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Why You Need To Visit Denmark's Hippie Commune Before You Die

It’s full of vibrant scenery with a gritty edge. | Why You Need To Visit Denmark’s Hippie Commune Before You Die

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The 70 coolest new buildings in the world, according to architecture fans and experts

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Christiansborg Palace (Christiansborg Slot), Copenhagen, Denmark Christiansborg Palace has a more than 800 year-long history as the state’s centre of power, and today the palace includes several institutions of central importance. “The Folketing” (The parliament) has at its disposal most of the rooms in the palace, but the Prime Minister, the High Court, and the Royal Reception Rooms are also located here

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Denmark was well aware that it didn’t have the military power to fight the Nazis, so the plan was to surrender and cooperate with them. However, they also knew what the Nazis did to Jews, so when reports came in that the Nazis were on their way the Danish government immediately got hold of 99% of Danish Jews and shipped them off to neutral Sweden in the dead of night.

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Danish Royalty Press Conference in Hobart

Crown Princess Mary of Denmark attends a press conference at the Hobart Government House March 11, 2005 in Hobart, Australia.

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As the Greedy corrupt Polluters keep the USA from stepping into the Future....the Rest of the World advances!

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