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27 Survival Uses for Floss You Never Thought Of

Things like trash bags, chap stick, and pantyhose take up very little space and can be used in numerous ways for survival. And so can dental floss.

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Centerpiece created for Clove Dental Makeover Reveal Party! Dental floss wrapped styrofoam balls and dental floss picks were used to create this interesting tablescape.

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Dental Floss and Flossers: Waterpik Ultra Dental Water Jet Water Pick Teeth Wp 100 Water Pik Teledyne Floss BUY IT NOW ONLY: $78.99

Quick tip for SLPs on how to demonstrate the correct tongue placement for the /r/ sound using dental floss picks!

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How to make a Very Simple Homemade ATLATL This is a very simple atlatl using some pvc and dental floss pick. It is based off the design used by primitive people before the bow was used for hunting. It was not as powerful as a bow, but it was successful in early hunting. PVC Pipe Projects homemade diy

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chocolate cupcakes decorated with a floss pick...for one of my fav dental hygienists, amanda

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dental floss pick/dental floss holder OEM

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