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Now proud to be one of the few labs in Virginia offering Clearbow! A great alternative for those who want to show off their beautiful smile and not their retainer! ‪#‎retainer‬ ‪#‎cincumferential‬ ‪#‎hawley‬ ‪#‎orthodontic‬ ‪#‎clearretainer‬ ‪#‎clearbow‬ ‪#‎adams‬ ‪#‎clasp‬ ‪#‎dental‬ ‪#‎appliance‬ ‪#‎standard‬ ‪#‎acrylic‬ #artortho

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Understanding Retainers After Braces -also, the clear is referred to as an essix. That is the type of material used to create the clear retainer.

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Tongue piercing steers wheelchair // This device is a wheelchair steering "wheel" in the form of a dental retainer instrumented with sensors that are activated by a tongue piercing. Georgia Institute of Technology engineers devised the Tongue Drive System prototype for people with high-level spinal cord injuries.

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If a person has recently got an orthodontics dental retainer, then it is very important to wash and clean it properly in order to prevent the build up of bacteria. The building up of germs and bacteria will definitely ruin your retainer hence making you sick. So you must clean it regularly to keep it sparkling and free from germs.

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A system designed at Georgia Institute of Technology enables people with high-level spinal cord injuries to operate a computer and electrically powered wheelchair by moving their tongues. The Tongue Drive, as the system is called, now in prototype, allows a user to wear a dental retainer completely inside the mouth embedded with sensors to control the system (pictured above). The sensors track the location of a tiny magnet attached to the user’s tongue.

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