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Life with Depression
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I...sleep left side. Curled into...the fetal.... position... every.single.night....

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Pete Wentz - "The hardest thing about depression is that it is addictive. It begins to feel uncomfortable...". happiness, depression, guilt

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Depression Can Kill! Educate Yourself And Make A Difference! by thot4food |
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27 Tumblr Posts You'll Only Get If You Have Depression

"Struggling with depression" seems to imply that I am bad at depression, when I am in fact very proficient at being depressed.

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Seeing so many people depressed in relationships. Because they know they cannot be themselves, as they may lose their partner...That is not love, that's control! Very sad to see. Any kids from that type of toxic relationship, suffer badly..

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that moment when your two years ahead in all your classes and suffer from severe derpression:)

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