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Kathrinhonestaa - She finally said "Hello". This is what my depression manifests as, a dark shadow that follows me around and sucks the light out of things.

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Scott Barry........ Ken Jr.: When a person with Chronic Major Depression (and other forms I'm sure) feels "ok"

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Figurative Language,Metaphor.) "...all I've been taught, fell away like so many cover when you sit up in bed"(86). This is saying that everything she learned over the time has slowly been fading.Exactly how when you getup from bed and there are many covers that just fell out of nowhere. This picture represented how she has forgotten everything that is why in the bubble there are scribbles.

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Overcome by depression.

If you are depressed, overwhelmed, afraid, or in crisis, please call 1-800-273-8255. Kind and non-judgmental people are there to listen 24/7. I promise you are not alone.

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.your mind is sometimes your most dangerous enemy...people don't seem to always understand that sometimes there's no cure either...and that's dangerous.

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