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It's not excused at school. It doesn't matter how goddam depressed you are. You still get too much homework and if you don't finish it, you get yelled at by parents and teachers alike.

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quote depressed depression sad suicidal suicide quotes help self harm cut cutting die bulimia ana fasting mia anorexic poem help me i hate myself pills hate myself i want to DIE kill me please help poems i want to kill myself don't eat commit suicide i want to jump

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Depression Can Kill! Educate Yourself And Make A Difference! by thot4food |
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Untreated depression leads to suicide...the person doesn't really want to die...but the illness causes such intense pain and hopelessness that the person becomes convinced that suicide is the only way to stop it. Increase awareness- mental illness is as deadly as cancer- no one asks for it and no one should be afraid to seek help due to the stigma attached to it by society!

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Poem on depression.sad really. Sometimes I feel like I can't even save myself from my own thoughts.

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Depression is the worst kind of killer. It corners you at night, or when you're all alone, and slowly eats away at any shred of happiness it can fine, until there's nothing left, but pain, and eventually, death.

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