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21 Tweets About Depression That Just Might Make You Laugh

21 tweets about depression: It's not called a nap, it's called a depression sleep.

Snoring can be a sign of more serious health problems. Often it is associated with sleep apnea, which is an obstruction in the air passage to and from the lungs. Lack of or minimal oxygen leads to high blood pressure, a key risk factor in the onset of heart disease or stroke. Insufficient or poor-quality sleep also affects the functioning of your brain and often leads to depression. Sleep apnea can be severe or mild.


If one is having troubles with sleep then the reason for sleeplessness can be anything. Problems with insomnia, depression, sleep apnea etc. are the most common problem many of us are facing nowadays. The doctors offer effective solutions for the patients to give them temporary relief in the form of sleeping pills. There are many types of sleeping pills available in the market and all of them are clinically tested to avoid worse problems that are associated with taking sleeping pills.


While recent stress, poor sleep, depression, sleep apnea, or poor diet can all impact your energy levels, the Endocrine Society claims that in rare cases your adrenal glands, and a condition known as adrenal insufficiency, may be the problem...