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French, English, Comics: Proust On Memory, In Any Language

Listen: Arthur Goldhammer's new translation of "In Search of Lost Time" with S. Heuet's illustrations.

from Digital Inspiration

Find the Date When a Web Page was First Published on the Internet

Finding the date a website was published... Copy URL to a google search, (enter) add _qdr=y15 to the end of the address bar after search has been made. It will add the date. Remember for citing sources.

from Nature

Silence of the Bees

An oldie but goodie from PBS - one of the first in-depth looks at the search for what is killing the honeybee


"The worst thing you can ever do is to search for enlightenment, for liberation. This keeps you back. It keeps you back because there is a self that is searching. There is an "I" that is searching. There is a "me" that is trying to become something, and the whole idea is to remove something from your consciousness… Removing all concepts and all preconceived ideas… " ~ Robert Adams

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