Dermot Mulroney I don't know why but..

Dermot Mulroney, loved this man ever since My Best Friend's Wedding came out 😍

dermot mulroney - love him. His two-episode stint as Gavin on FRIENDS was great.

Afternoon eye candy: Dermot Mulroney (21 photos)

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Still of Dermot Mulroney in My Best Friend's Wedding

Dermot Mulroney: My Best Friend's Wedding. I'm sorry but if my best friend was marrying him we wouldn't be best friends.

Dermot Mulroney. I think its his lips that i find so attractive. I like his scar…

AYTG? IMM: I found my husband!

he's so hot in my best friend's wedding.....oh please..please....please...I want him in the red room of pain!

Dermot Mulroney - saw him in film longtime companion and thought he is fab and he was young then

I might need to make Dermot his own board. I love him that much.

Morning coffee (39 photos)

Dermot Mulroney - forgot how cute he is!!

I vaguely remember watching, "Wedding Date" and thinking the actor was quite good looking. I'm presently watching, "My Best Friend's Wedding" and after seeing Dermot Mulroney again, I decided I ought to add his to this board.

Dermot Mulroney. *swoon* love him in the Wedding Date

Afternoon eye candy: Dermot Mulroney (21 photos)