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I could be anywhere but with the right person anything feels like home

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Unless you genuinely have confidence then it doesn't matter what color you wear.

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Life Quotes - Ambiverts - The mix of Introvert and Extrovert - I personally believe that everyone is an Ambivert. - Introverts are Extroverts when around like minded energies and Extroverts are Introverts when they get sick of other Extroverts. ;) - Tune further into your personality strengths with spiritual reports at the link...

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ZodiacSpot - Your all-in-one source for Astrology

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The four basic temperaments or "humors" were developed by the ancient Greek physician Hippocrates as a medical theory to describe aspects of a personality. A personality, as a whole, is too unique and complex to fit into a four quadrant box. A temperament is a piece of the personality; it is the fundamental, innate nexus of an individual.

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all true ( well I write fanfiction in my head.... but I'll write it down one day!)
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How MBTI Types Approach Rules-as an ENFJ with a lot of INFP traits I fall in both camps lol

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"If you think you're ugly you're simply not your own type. For someone else you could be the most attractive person alive!"

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Steve just looked at me when this happened and was like, "that's you."

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