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Desert Rose Plant Care

Desert Rose Plant Care.... The desert Rose is called Adenium. I've never heard of it before but I'm instantly obsessed!

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Adenium Rose Chen. a very striking tricolor single that is very lovely. I have seeds on order of a hybrid very similar to this so I am hopeful!

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Adenium hybrid, Desert Rose, Impala Lily, Adenium hybrids Click to see full-size image

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- These are not difficult plants to grow well, provided they get enough sunlight and warmth. Like all succulents, they cannot tolerate sitting in water...

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Desert Rose Plant Care

Dramatic container plants, desert roses (Adenium spp.) are succulent members of the oleander family usually grown as a succulent bonsai. The swollen, water-storing plant base, stems and branches lend character even to younger plants. Plants go dormant and drop their leaves in winter, revealing a pale gray trunk and branches. Showy red, pink or...

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