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A great portrait of Eero Saarinen and his chairs, circa 1958. From the Aline Saarinen collection.

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Purgatory: Canto XIX — The Covetous, 2010, from A Typographic Dante, a piece of typewriter art by Barrie Tullett. From the essay: Rediscovering the Lost Art of the Typewriter.

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Stunning Images of Mid-Century Modern Airport Interiors

TWA terminal at JFK (1962), New York, New York, designed by Eero Saarinen - gorgeous!

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50 Best Book and Cover Designs | AIGA and Design Observer Announce the Year’s Best-Designed Publications

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Asger Jorn & Guy Debord | Page from 'Fin de Copenhague' | Published by Bauhaus Imaginiste | 1957 #situationist

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Recovering a Critical Sense of Ecology in Design Thinking: Andrea Hansen, Tokyo Bay Marine Fields, 2009. - Places, Design Observer

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