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Need I say... broad chest? sturdy legs? huge ears? prominent whisker pads? He is going to be a lady killer. If he is a he lol. Couldn't find info on this kitten.

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How to Groom a Devon Rex Cat? Rub bacon grease on him and let the dog lick him clean! Roll him in cat nip and let him lick himself Let him be and he will do it.

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What a cutie!!!!......WHAT SAY??......WILL YOU REPEAT THAT, PLEASE......DINNER'S SERVED "WHEN"??......ccp

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KITTEN PILE!!!!! •••••(KO) Trouble is sure to ensue here. How do you catch them all if they make a break for it?

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Cornish Rex Kitten- for some reason I am drawn to this little guy. He is so funny looking he is cute!!

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How much does a Devon Rex Kitten Cost? Click the picture to read

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