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#KidneyTransplants Surgery Procedure

I will need another transplant soon and have no family donors left. SIGN YOUR DONOR CARD! You could save many lives.

1 Critical information in relation to peritoneal dialysis. Peritoneal Dialysis Procedure in children instruments Critical information with regards to peritoneal dialysis. peritoneal dialysis procedure in pediatrics


kidney dialysis procedure---- video prof. adu shared in class.


Dharma Kidney Hospital, one of the best dialysis treatment center, we also provide treatment for kidney stone, urological problems, pre-dialysis procedure etc

4 years without kidneys and then the miracle - Subash M Singh from Kalimpong Today 6th October is very special day for me as almost 4 years back I got my new life after my kidney transplant Generally people don't wish to share their health related problems specially in social medias but I'm sharing mine to encourage ailing persons or their families which would definitely give them moral support and hope that Life Is Possible even though you're suffering from life threatening disease or…

An internal arteriovenous fistula, or AV fistula, is formed when anastomosis of a large artery in the arm to a large vein is performed. The flow of arterial blood into the venous system causes veins to become engorged (“matured” or “developed”). Maturity takes about 1 to 2 weeks and is required before the fistula can be used; the engorged vein is punctured with a large-bore needle for the dialysis procedure.


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