The diatonic scales are 7 note patterns that in a sense are extensions of the pentatonic patterns. They require a bit more work to learn than the pentatonic scales but are well worth the investment to avoid ‘pentamania’ where lead guitar starts sounding ‘samey’ and predictable.

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At some point a guitar player usually becomes interested in learning scales after open chords and barre chords have been learned. Playing licks and improvising solos is no doubt one of the most exciting things that can be done on a guitar – for both the player and the audience. In this article I am going to present the workhorse of scales for many guitarists – the pentatonic scales.

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Illustration of Chromatic and Diatonic Scales to fret your guitar like a dulcimer.

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Apollo Lyre - This instrument, the only known example of its kind, was probably inspired by the melophone, which a French player presented in a concert in New York in 1841. The upward-pointing handles produce pressure and suction to sound a diatonic scale, as in an accordion or harmonica.

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New CBG Build: a 3-stringer with a 24" Scale Length & Diatonic Scale – Cigar Box Nation

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