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Bookish Ways in Math and Science: Monday Science Freebie - Dichotomous Keys

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Cannon Classification Dichotomous Key

Classification Dichotomous Key- student use and create a dichotomous key.

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Classification Using a Dichotomous Key Homework or Classwork Activity

This Dichotomous Classification Key Activity worksheet is perfect for homework, or for your introductory lesson on classification. Suitable for biology or life science students in grades 6-10.

from The Science Penguin

Amazing Life Science Ideas from Amazing Teachers

Fun with Dichotomous Keys-- jelly beans, monsters, and beads


Great lesson about understanding dichotomous keys!

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Dichotomous Classification Key

Dichotomous Key to Classify a Crazy Animal Kingdom (Classification). This is a very simple and elementary classification key that can be used at the beginning of a unit on classification. The purpose of this key is to teach the students how to use a dichotomous key. $

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Dichotomous Key - Create A Dichotomous Key Activity {Editable}

Dichotomous keys are fun to use, but they are even more fun to make! After students have learned how to use a dichotomous key, get them to make their own! This


Here's an activity on learning to use a dichotomous key.

from Eva Varga

STEM Club: Scientific Classification and Dichotomous Keys

I introduce the topic of scientific classification and how to use a dichotomous key.