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Did Charles Manson Die

The Manson Girls butchered 6 people in the summer of 69 on direction of Charles Manson. He told them to " totally destroy everyone in the home as gruesome as you can'. And that they did.


Marilyn Manson - This is actually a fortune cookie he got. Read about it in his book The Long Hard Road Out Of Hell (pg. 296; first edition)


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Terry Melcher dies -Nov. 20, 2004- Doris Day's son and 60's record producer forever linked to Charlie Manson & notorious Tate murders. Producer for Columbia Records who auditioned and turned down Charles Manson for a recording contract. Initially, Melcher was believed to have been the original intended victim of the grisly Manson murders on 8/9/69 at a house at 10050 Cielo Drive, Beverly Hills, where Melcher had lived with then-girlfriend Candice Bergen.


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