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Did Patriots Win

Tom Brady is the GOAT. Congratulations on win number 201. #Patriots #LAvsNE

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Patriots Who Dare... Join our fight to save America! Click Here #BB4SP

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This money should go to our vets and first responders notillegal immigrants! Think of how much that would help offset healthcare needs in our country! We should take care of our American family first.

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That BIG pause before the.... DUH moment!!! I REALLY like the idea, go to the middle east and do that!!!! then we may actually care about what you think and feel lead to preach!

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It should be self supporting through its own contributions.

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#Patriots Win Again!!!!

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1/20/17 The joke is over!

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Best ever Quarterback!!!

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Haha! God bless President Elect Trump! #MAGA

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Awesome artwork of Brady and the unstoppable Patriots finishing the 2016-2017 season strong by beating the Dolphins! With this win, they secured home field advantage and the no. 1 seed in the playoffs!

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