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Not just exams, either... We have a higher chance of finishing a lot of things on time than people with no hands

If you convince yourself that you slept well last night, even if you didn’t, your brain will be tricked into thinking you aren’t tired. It’s called ‘placebo sleep.’ Source

did you know? I sure did!! Saw a lot of this when Billy and I flew to Alabama last summer! scary when you're up there trying to dodge them!

did-you-kno: The physical act of walking through a doorway is the reason why you sometimes walk into a room and completely forget what you were doing. Going through a door signifies the beginning or end of something, so it creates an ‘event boundary’ within your mind. Every time you pass through a doorway, your brain is filing away the thoughts you had in your previous location to make room for a new group of memories in the next. Source

Apparently this muscle actually helps you hold a spear (something we as a majority haven’t needed to do much). So you're either a product of evolution or a spearholder.

‘The Center of the Universe’ is a circle on the ground in Tulsa, OK. The broken concrete is surrounded by a large circle of bricks, but you’d probably never notice it unless you started talking while standing in the middle. There, you’ll hear your voice loudly echoing back at you, and nobody outside the circle will hear a thing - but nobody knows why. Source